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+1-845 835 6013  phone
+1-516 551 7448  cell

5 Kimberly Drive
New York 12572


Having been a pioneer of the 'blogging' concept on this page when there were only three computers and Bill Gates was still in diapers, we've given up in the light of the masses having discovered the secret. Go to MySpace, FaceBook or Twitter for reams of totally useless information about the world we live in!

Far be it from us, therefore, to further clutter your mind with information overload. But we do have a 'phone, still. You know, that dusty thing in the corner that preceded email. Mark is also on Skype and easily found; spending most of his days slaving over a hot computer, he'll be happy to hear from you whenever you're ready to talk business :)

Please be in touch.

Mark Beaumont